Jai Ganesha Coffee Mug

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Best Ganesh Chaturthi & Diwali Mugs : Jai Dev! Lord Ganesha is not just god but our friend. Oh my friend ganesha, denasaathhamesha. So here is our favourite Ganesh to accompany you in your coffee. is considered as the god who removes any and all obstacles of life is the first to be prayed to in any Hindu religious ceremony. Our dear Bappa in Maharashtra, Lord Ganesha is a loveable god with his childhood stories used as lessons for young children. We know just the way Ganesha loves modak, You love coffee! Go for Bappa.

General Specification:- 

  • Style Code:- CMGA1830
  • Capacity (In ml):- 300 
  • Weight (In gms):- 330 
  • Materials:- Ceramic
  • Dimensions:- Width- 8cms & Length- 9.5cms
  • Product Care:- Dishwasher safe (Mild) & Microwave safe. Do not Freeze
  • Clean it with wet cloth