Alphabet M Coffee Mug

  • Product Code: CMAM1813
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Alphabet M Coffee Mugs : Wow! M is miracle. M is magic. M is magnificence. The alphabet M coffee mug embodies the magnificent personalities of the people who have their names starting from the letter M. The coffee mug has a great design with a blue backdrop and sharp design and fun cartoons embodied in to the letter. Bring home two mugs because one is not enough. As dilmaange M for more!

General Specification:- 

  • Style Code:- CMAM1813
  • Capacity (In ml):- 300 
  • Weight (In gms):- 330 
  • Materials:- Ceramic
  • Dimensions:- Width- 8cms & Length- 9.5cms
  • Product Care:- Dishwasher safe (Mild) & Microwave safe. Do not Freeze
  • Clean it with wet cloth