Alphabet V Coffee Mug

  • Product Code: CMAV1820
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Printed Coffee Mugs Online : V is Victory! The alphabet V coffee mug embodies the V for victory emotion and is dedicated to all those who pursue victory in all their endeavours. The design stands out against the black background and the design uses geometrical figures in great symmetry to provide a great visual. It's V for Very VeryVery good....

General Specification:- 

  • Style Code:- CMAV1820
  • Capacity (In ml):- 300 
  • Weight (In gms):- 330 
  • Materials:- Ceramic
  • Dimensions:- Width- 8cms & Length- 9.5cms
  • Product Care:- Dishwasher safe (Mild) & Microwave safe. Do not Freeze
  • Clean it with wet cloth